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THANK YOU for joining us to #CREATECHANGE!

We give heartfelt thanks for the ongoing generosity of supporters like you who provide choice, independence, and dignity for young people living with physical disabilities.

YOU are making a real difference

Youngcare Grants help young people with physical disabilities exit, or avoid moving into, inappropriate housing.

Thanks to you, almost 1,800 young people have been granted over $11m to support their quality of life and enable them to live with more dignity and independence.

Youngcare Connect, our team of kind experts, provides information and advice to individuals and families navigating the complicated disability sector.

Thanks to you, our compassionate Youngcare Connect team have an average of 5,000 conversations per year with people seeking advice and support. We could not do it without you – thank you!

Youngcare Housing's building program designs and builds accessible, quality homes in sought-after locations, so young people with physical disabilities can live with choice and freedom.

Your support allows hundreds of young people with disabilities to feel at home, and free to live equally in their communities.

Meet the young people YOU help


When James was a baby, he lost oxygen to his brain which resulted in many complex physical disabilities. His parents cared for James at home for 21 years, until lifting James became too dangerous for their ageing bodies. Now, James is living his best young life in the North Lakes apartments,

“There’s reassurance he’s cared for moving forward, for years to come.”


Just before Luke’s 30th birthday, he received a life-changing diagnosis – Huntington’s Disease. Luke was left isolated and living in a remote care facility a six-hour round trip away from his family and friends.

Thanks to your support and caring generosity Luke has moved out of aged care and into his own apartment!


With a Home Support Grant, Bev was able to move into an accessible apartment close to loved ones after an incredibly tough few years.

“I would like to say thank you so much. Don’t underestimate the change you make for people’s lives. The Grant changed my life significantly. And even in a roundabout way, my granddaughter’s because if I hadn’t moved up here, she wouldn’t have ended up being able to move in with me. And that was unexpected.”


Dan was grateful to receive a Youngcare Home Support Grant, funded by you, our generous donors and supporters. The grant helped support Dan’s move into his apartment.

“It was amazing. I got a washing machine and a dryer with your help. Another massive thing was Youngcare arranging a moving truck for me. Being 6 hours away, I wouldn’t have been able to bring much by myself. It helped immensely as it meant another thing that I didn’t have to worry about.”

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